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Workshop On Cyber Crime IN TODAYS WORLD.

The course will help participants to understand the security terminology



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Your insightful inputs in the investigation of the cyber crime, delivered in an interactive manner have proved very effective for all the participants.

PS Phanlnikar (I.P.S.) Addl. D.G, MP police academy

desktop-icon       Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

“A cyber security breach can strike at any time, putting your organization at risk”

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) offer wide-ranging services to perform security audit and provide recommendation for security disruption, monitor security for risk analysis, forensics and penetration testing.


Vulnerability Assessment is a comprehensive scanning through various security validations to locate the vulnerable flaws in the pre-existing code. Vulnerability Assessment is limited to locate the vulnerability but it doesn’t reveal the impact or destruction level that can be caused due to the identified flaws.


Penetration Testing is a process wherein analyzed vulnerabilities are exploited by using automated tools and/or manual excellence. It prioritizes vulnerabilities depending on the criticality levels thereby segregating flaws that lead to the highest degree of penetration of malicious attacks from the others that are found during the Vulnerability Assessment. Hence, it measures the level of impact of the vulnerability as well as its worst possible destruction level.


VAPT is a combination of two processes: VA and PT, the purpose of which is to first locate flaws in a system, and then measure vulnerability associated with each of the flaws. Furthermore, it categorizes the nature of all possible attacks and raises security alarm before these flaws can be exploited by attackers.

Solutions we provide


Web Application VAPT


Network VAPT


Mobile Application VAPT

Benefits of VAPT

  • Secure corporate network from unauthorized accesses and prevent information loss.
  • Protect data integrity and availability.
  • Prevent monetary and reputational loss.
  • Helps to achieve compliance certifications.