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Your insightful inputs in the investigation of the cyber crime, delivered in an interactive manner have proved very effective for all the participants.

PS Phanlnikar (I.P.S.) Addl. D.G, MP police academy

Workshop On Cyber Crime IN TODAYS WORLD.

The course will help participants to understand the security terminology

secured-dev     Secured Application Development

With the ever increasing rise in the use of mobile, web, and desktop applications, Application Security is a growing concern for businesses across the board. It has also become incredibly important as the information managed and processed by applications is highly confidential and applications must handle this information securely. The development and IT Security team of Hicube works together to provide a secured application solution.

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Planning

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Design

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Development

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Deployment

cyber-crime-zoom   Regular Maintenance and Security Checks

Our team utilises latest tools to take advantage of the most recent security trends and reduce the number and severity of vulnerabilities throughout all phases of the development process.

Facts & Figures

  • India ranks 8th among countries most frequently targeted for web application attacks.
  • India stands 5th on the list of countries that originate a web attack, with more than 11.8 million attacks originating from the country.
  • Usage of mobile applications in India grew 43% in 2016.
  • 98% of mobile apps of the Top 50 E-commerce companies in India are vulnerable to security attacks.
  • As Per the audit report of CERT India, almost 3000 websites victimized every month due to unsecured development which cost a huge loss.

By introducing security aspect early in the software development life cycle, Hicube Infosec exceeds your expectations for stronger data protection and delivers measurable returns. In addition to weaving high end security into the Software Development Lifecycle, we allow you to derive additional benefits including the reduction of total cost of ownership and incident response expenses.



Hicube Infosec configures an application security gateway to effectively evaluate all applications before they go through different stages of development.



In our strategy implementation, we focus on risk measurement, regulatory compliance & incorporation of threat intelligence.



Our team put incessant efforts to monitor and safeguard high-risk applications during the development stage itself to mitigate the business impact.